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Amazon Growth: 3x Sales Growth YOY

Animation Toolkit, a Manchester-based partner specialising in animation tools and resources, experienced a significant increase in website sales after leveraging Amazon advertising. This case study explores how our team helped Animation Toolkit enhance brand awareness and drive sales through strategic Amazon advertising management.

The primary objective of our engagement with the Animation Toolkit was to increase brand visibility on Amazon. We implemented a comprehensive Amazon advertising plan and optimised product listings to achieve this.

As a result, we saw 3 x sales increase year-on-year. 


Optimising Product Listings: We worked closely with the Animation Toolkit to optimise their product listings on Amazon. This involved making content enhancements to provide detailed technical information and ensure key selling points were effectively communicated. Additionally, we developed eye-catching infographics that showcased their products’ unique selling propositions (USPs) at a glance.

Amazon Advertising Strategy: We devised a process-driven Amazon advertising plan that incorporated all three types of ads available on the platform: Sponsored Products Ads (SPA), Sponsored Brands Ads (SBA), and Sponsored Display Ads (SDA). By leveraging these ad formats, we aimed to increase the Animation Toolkit’s visibility, drive relevant traffic, and boost conversions.

Targeted Campaigns: To maximise the effectiveness of our advertising efforts, we created over 20 product-specific campaigns. This allowed us to tailor the campaigns to each product’s unique characteristics and goals, ensuring optimal results.


  • Launched 20+ Ad Campaigns: By creating multiple targeted ad campaigns, we were able to customise our advertising approach for each product within Animation Toolkit’s portfolio. This strategy helped us optimise ad spend and improve overall campaign performance.
  • Advertising Sales: With the ongoing effort advertising is contributing 50% of the total sales. 
  • Increased Total Orders: As a direct result of our Amazon advertising efforts, the Animation Toolkit total sales grew by 3x times year on year. 

Our partnership with this team was transformative. Their expertise and dedication were evident from day one. With their guidance, our Amazon sales soared, tripling within a year. Their approach to listing optimisation and ad creation was the key to our success. We not only saw increased sales but also witnessed a surge in brand visibility. We are immensely grateful for their support and expertise. This collaboration has reshaped our Amazon presence, and we look forward to continued success together. – Wes Wood, Animation Toolkit


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