Amazon Sponsored Products

Amazon sponsored products are good way to increase visibility of your products on Amazon. Since these Ads are only applicable for the products that are winning buy box we are simply maximising out opportunity to sell our products. Your ads can appear on to the top, on the right or below the search result. Checkout this screenshot:

Amazon Sponsored Products

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This particular result shows organic search result are all pushed below creating a demand for the rest of the sellers to compete with Ads which ultimately stretches your budget. If you happen to start sponsored ads, go for automatic campaigns. Automatic campaigns uses titles, bullet points, descriptions and search terms to match with customer search result. Then we get an opportunity study which products are driving more sales and impressions.  Most importantly, you will be able to search term keywords reports which is not available elsewhere like Google Keywords planner which is open to anyone. You can use these keywords to manually targeted campaign.

It is always best to use products with reviews for sponsored products campaigns to increase conversion. There has been some evidence with some sellers that suggest that organic ranking of products increases when you start running ads. This is the similar scenario with Google Ads as we all know neither of them back this evidence.  The best thing is to test it your self  and take most out of the opportunity to increase sales.

If you need any help to kick start your Amazon Sponsored Products  Ads, please get in touch on +44(0) 29 2236 2596 or through  out contact form.