Content gap analysis with Ahrefs

A few years ago when I started writing content I did not imagine that I was going to become a full-fledged digital marketing training provider. Currently, Online Seller UK delivers training from Google Adwords, google shopping to content marketing and email marketing.  

“Relevant content which answers the informational needs of your target audience means you’re there when needed. Being there when needed gives all organisations (even the less-well-known brands) a huge competitive advantage online and ultimately leads to increased revenues.”

Dawn Anderson, Move It Marketing

I was very content focussed when I started to build the business because I strongly believe the size of the brain should always be greater than the size of your wallet. To me, this means if you really know what you are doing it is best if you spend time on creating useful content rather than spending the budget on paid ads. Content helps you to generate leads and conversion cheaper and it will last for a longer period of time compared to paid ads which generate sales for a time until you reinvest. So, personally, I’d suggest using the content route to develop your business. Recently I was delivering a session on content marketing in Manchester and we were talking about competitor’s content analysis. This led to a question about how to find a gap in our content. To answer this question, I ran a “content gap” report with Aherfs  and got the result as shown in screenshots below:


This shows that Online Seller UK is weak in highly searched keywords “digital marketing courses”. So, in the next few months, my focus will be to write as much content as possible in this area.  

All this analysis looks really cool and very clever but doing too much analysis can sometimes be wasteful. Sometimes, you could be better off ignoring all this and just focussing on creating useful content for your customers. The whole idea of content is not for the SEO but for the customers which will increase conversion from your site. If you want to find out what your customers are asking in search engines, check out tools like answerthepublic, your SEO search queries report in your Google analytics and your site search report.