Episode #005 Amazon Product Review Request tool

Amazon has recently launched a new ‘Product Review Request’ button into the Orders Page, which allows you to request reviews for all orders received. This is yet another step for Amazon to stop sellers from sending review request emails and is likely to replace any external messaging system. Once the request button is clicked, Amazon automatically asks for both review and seller feedback in one email. You can only request a review once between 4-30 days after the delivery date.

This is an interesting move for Amazon, but it is not so easy for sellers with a high volume orders as each request needs to be done manually and there is no automation within Amazon. But completing quick research helped to find a chrome extension Amazon Quick Review Request which solves this issue. I had the privilege to speak with the creator of this plugin Ray Matos who explains how this plugin works. 

✔️Get Amazon Quick Review Request plugin here >> 

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