Episode #008 eBay Repricer Tool with Cardy Chung

In this Online Seller UK podcast, Cardy Chung, founder of eBay repricer tool, Street Repricer talks about how the tool can help increase eBay sales. 

All marketplaces are competitive, with the high volume of sellers on eBay if you are not competitive you will see your sales drop. eBay repricer tool allows you to reprice your products against competitors. Cardy also discusses a recently released function “velocity” that allows you to automatically reduce the price until you receive sales.   

In this podcast, Cardy talks how repricer works and why it is now a very important part of eBay. 

What’s included?

  • An introduction to Street Repricer
  • Does StreetPricer work on Amazon and other marketplaces?
  • Who should consider using StreetPricer, do you have to be selling in any particular categories? or at a certain turnover level? 
  • Targeting against competitor or Velocity repricers
  • Does it work on multiple eBay locations, since there are so many countries in Europe?

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