Episode #013 An introduction to Amazon Advertising Optimisation Platform Perpetua


In this Online Seller UK podcast, Joe La Selva at Perpetua tells us how Amazon Advertising automation works.  

Amazon Advertising is now hugely important to online sellers. This is either to gain incremental sales or to get noticed when you are launching a new product. 

Amazon Advertising is very successful and many brands are now moving their Google spend to Amazon Advertising. We have also found in several cases that Amazon Advertising returns are as high as £26.00 return to every £1.00 spend. 

But at the moment, the whole process is hugely manual compared to Google advertising. This is when Perpetua comes in, helping you to manage your strategies and creating and optimising advertising campaigns. 

What will you learn? 

  • Some of the biggest frustrations of Amazon Advertising
  • How should advertisers be thinking about metrics like ACoS and Attributed Sales?
  • How often should Amazon sellers be adjusting bids, reviewing search terms and optimising their campaigns?
  • What are some strategies advertisers should be considering moving into Q1’s Post-Holiday Season
  • What Perpetua products solve Amazon Advertising challenges?

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