Episode #015 Amazon FBA Alternative – Bezos.ai

The Coronavirus is spreading around the globe at a rapid pace and life as we know it is coming to a halt. With people self-quarantining, staying at home, and generally avoiding the public, e-commerce is experiencing an unprecedented increase in demand. Putting high pressure on global and local supply chains that are not able to fully accommodate rising consumer needs.

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Right now, even e-commerce giant Amazon is not equipped to deal with the overflow of orders and it has suspended their inbound capacities for their FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) program until April (and it may even last longer) for all non-essential items. 

The following categories are the high priority categories for which they are still accepting most products: 

– Baby Products

– Health & Household

– Beauty & Personal Care (including personal care appliances)

– Grocery

– Industrial & Scientific

– Pet Supplies

With this decision, many FBA retailers have to fear for the very existence of their business model as they rely heavily on Amazon’s delivery network. A dire situation that calls for solutions outside of the monopolistic network that Amazon has built. Bezos is the right solution in this time of crisis as it provides you with a large network of fulfilment providers (Warehouses and carriers), thus reducing the risk of disruption in the operations. Join our conversation with Bezos founder Diego Lijtmae in this video.

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