Episode #018 An introduction to Khaos Control

If you are trading in multiple channels as the business grows over the years, you would have faced the challenge of managing your inventory and business processes. In order to streamline your business, multichannel solutions like Khaos Control play a significant role. It allows you to control your multi-channel business and helps you make the right decisions with the right business intelligence. 

In this recording, Mike Cockfield, Owner and director at Khaos Control explains a bit more about the benefits of a system to manage all sales channels.  

Find out more about Khaos Control → https://www.khaoscontrol.com/

What’s included? 

–What is Khaos Control? 

–What are the benefits of having a system to manage multiple sales channels?

–How does a company measure ROI on business management software?

–What should people consider when deciding they need a software system? 

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