Episode #019 An Introduction To Amazon DSP (Amazon Advertising)

Amazon’s DSP advertising allows sellers to advertise efficiently on Amazon sites, across the web and in mobile apps.  Advertisers can buy display ads both banners and video ads on Amazon and other sites owned by or partnered with Amazon. 

In this video, Matt Anderson, Founder of Marketplace Amp, talks about how Amazon DSP works. Amazon DSP allows for funnel marketing, as it allows display ads in front of people who have shown interest in your product, brand or similar product. With DSP you are retargeting highly qualified prospects which are not possible via other Amazon advertising. DSP allows you to reach shoppers in different stages of marketing funnel with 6 targeting options: 

Behavioural segments – Target audiences who have shown buying intent in a specific Amazon sub-category in the previous 30 days

Lifestyle segments – Target audiences who demonstrate search and purchase behaviours associated with a common lifestyle

Contextual segments – Target audiences based on their browsing behaviour

Remarketing segments – Target shoppers that have searched for, viewed, or purchased your products or similar products.

Audience Lookalike segments – Like Facebook lookalike audiences, target shoppers with behaviour similar to people that have already bought off you

Advertiser Audiences segments – Target shoppers that have visited your website (by using a tracking pixel), and leverage email lists. 

What’s included? 

-What is Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP)?
-Why should we consider it?
-The difference between Amazon DSP and other advertising options
-Top tips for running a successful DSP campaigns

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