Episode #020 Don’t wait too long to start Sponsored Brand Ads


Sponsored Brands ads feature your brand logo, tagline and three of your products. They help with brand awareness and also generate sales which otherwise would have been lost to your competitor.

These ads are important to any brand aiming for a prominent position in Amazon search results. A lot of advertisers wait too long to start testing these ads because CPC is higher than other ads and this may not be the right strategy. 

In this episode, Evan Facinger, Director of Marketing at Foremostmedia talks about how Sponsored Brand Ads work and how to leverage it to your advantage. 

What will you learn? 

1/ What are Sponsored brand ads

2/ Why to consider Sponsored Brands ads

3/ What is the Average Cost Per Click

4/ What sort of ACoS can we expect

5/ What metrics determine the success of your Sponsored Brands ads

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