Episode #022 Amazon Advertising Campaign Structure – get the basics right


Amazon advertising campaign structure includes Portfolios, Campaigns and Ad Groups. We have to decide which products and keywords to add to each group and structure campaign so we can analyse the result better. We may go and start our ads campaigns without thinking about the strong relationship between campaign result and structure. This episode will help understand just that.

Thinking about structure can be daunting but we can keep things simple based on our advertising goals and the number of products we have in our account. The same structure will not fit all accounts as one may have 2 – 3 products and others may have 4000. In this episode,  Sunitha Sundaran from Sellerapp talks about how to go about setting your Amazon campaign structure to get the best possible result. 

What will you learn? 

 –Campaigns structure for fewer ASINs compared to a larger number of ASINs

 –Creating a different campaign and ad groups

 –Optimising campaigns for profits

 –Optimising your campaigns with sellerapp


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