Episode #32 Customer Buying Cycle and Amazon Advertising

There are different stages of the customer buying cycle on Amazon. Knowing them helps you to set efficient budgets for your campaigns to maintain a good ACoS. 

At Discovery Phase, the aim is to raise product awareness so the ad spend is targeted at relevant keywords and related to driving traffic to the page to test. 

At the Considerate Stage, online shoppers are checking out your products and similar products. So, invest in the search terms, ASINs and categories that have converted well before. 

At the Decision Phase, shoppers have confirmed what they want to focus on highly relevant keywords or ASINS.  

At Post-Purchase Phase, shoppers know your brand and have bought on Amazon or elsewhere, so invest in your branded keywords. 

In this recording  Mike from AMZ Advisors, gives a detailed insight on the Customer Buying Cycle and Amazon Advertising. 

   • Listen to this podcast and learn about:

   • Where do most brands fail when it comes to selling on Amazon?

   • How do you optimise for Amazon SEO?

   • How important is using Amazon FBA when selling on Amazon?

   • Why does a brand need to spend money on advertising if they are SEO optimised?

   • What are the best ways to start marketing your product with a small advertising budget on Amazon?

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