Episode #42 New Import Regulations for Manufacturers out of the UK and the EU – Podcast with Ferry Vermeulen

There is a new change coming in July for all Manufacturers out of the UK and the EU. This regulation will require to have someone present in the European Union acting as the point of contact for the product’s compliance. Namely a “Responsible Person”. Another requirement that comes into play is that all products will have to be labelled with the contact information of the responsible person. In this podcast Ferry Vermeulen, co-founder of 24hour-AR.com, explains more.

Key things you will learn:

– What will change from July 16th?
– What are the consequences of this change?
– How can non-EU or non-UK businesses prepare for this change?
– What will change for Fulfillment Service Providers, such as Amazon?
– What will be the role of Authorised Representatives?

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