Google Adwords Search Terms Report: Increase your Click Through Rate ( CTR )

Adwords has brilliant tools in built to help you succeed with less wastage. There is no secret to Adwords success but use of available tools to diagnosis success of your ad and ability to make changes which will put ads to the right people at a right time.

Adwords search terms report  gives you list of “search terms” which you have been bidding for your ads in search.

Here’s you can get these:

Click “all online campaigns” on the left >>  Click the keywords tab >> Choose “keyword details” >> Choose “all”

Here is a screenshot with a result:

Google Adwords Search Term Report -  Online Seller UK

Click to enlarge


You will find irrelevant search terms here if you are using broad match compared to phrase match & exact match. These search terms will help you lower cost and improve click through rate (CTR). Here are few things to consider:

1. Create a new adgroup with ech search term that are relevant to you business

2. Use search term in headline and use as many search term in your ad as possible

3. Add words that are irrelevant to your negative keywords list

When you spend bit of time on these you will see increase in Ad Click Through Rate (CTR), decrease of Cost Per Click ( CPC) and increase in your Ad position. I was told, “knowing is one thing and execution is another”. So, spend bit of time here and you will see success in Google Adwords.

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