I spy with my little eye… What you can see with AMZScout Inventory Spy

With the increased interest and performance from Amazon, it is no wonder that there are now hundreds of Amazon tools available. Many, if not most, of these tools won’t make you successful on Amazon but they will certainly help you towards success. 

Recently, I had a great remote Amazon Training Session and during this, we were talking about competitor analysis and discussing strategies on how to win the Buy Box. During this discussion, we looked at AMZScout inventory spy tool to find out competitor’s stock levels (as shown in the screenshot below). The first response was “this is awesome and means we could make better pricing decisions based on competitor stock!”  

Knowing your competitor’s stock levels could help you to make sensible sourcing decisions and provide guidance on pricing. For example, I would not price my listing low if there are low stock levels across competitors. Instead, I would FBA it and increase the profit margin. Furthermore, if there is a high number of stock available amongst competitors then I would look to price more competitively. 

Find out more about AMZScout here.

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