Knowing Huboo – eBay fulfilment company

Delivering products on time is fundamental to your success when it comes to selling online. If your orders are not delivered on time, you will negatively impact your ratings and could even risk losing your account. FBA has resolved this issue but not everyone wants to use Amazon’s FBA. 

Recently, we came across Huboo via Nick and Andrea’s video who are full-time online sellers. 

The video with Martin from Huboo was well presented with details on how an outsourcing fulfilment service can be useful to any online business. Below are some Q & As picked up from this video and we hope you find them useful. 

Who is HUBOO?

>>  Huboo is a fulfilment company based in Bath providing storage and a pick and pack service for e-commerce businesses. FBA for eBay kind of sums it up.

Who is the service aimed at?

>> Aimed at everybody – from small businesses to large businesses. 

>> If you looked into having your own warehouse there is a great deal of investment involved. So, Huboo helps to scale up businesses with outsourcing fulfilment services, avoiding massive investment in warehousing. 

Do you do product listings?

>> We don’t get involved in listing products on eBay, it is up to sellers to manage their own listings.

>> Huboo will integrate with eBay and you will see all items in your dashboard. You can then decide which one you want to fulfil and which one you don’t. When there is a sale Huboo picks and packs. 

Do you provide customer service?

>> We don’t provide customer support because we are not knowledgeable about the product.

What about the pricing?

>> There is a small subscription fee of £8.00 per month depending on the volume of sales and simple pricing for receiving, picking and postage costs.  Find a full breakdown of costs here

>> Unlike Amazon FBA, we don’t charge for 2 months of storage. You don’t pay storage fees as long as the product sells in less than 2 months.

Where does return go?

>> We can handle returns, we can put it back on the shelf or keep it aside or bin it.

>> Customer support is the seller’s responsibility. 

What happens about the insurance of the items?

>> All couriers provide insurance and they are covered with that.  You can choose insurance separately with us but that’s optional. 

>> If something gets damaged in the warehouse, we cover the costs. 

Which courier do you use?

>> We use Royal Mail for everything, but we are happy to adapt based on the customer. Tracking numbers are automatically updated. 

What about multichannel – Amazon &  Shopify?

>> We have Amazon integration if people are not interested in FBA and Shopify.

Do we have to label each product?

>> No there is no need to label each product, all you have to do is label the box. If you have a group of products then, just put them in a bag with a label and we will sort the rest. 

Do you provide Customer support to us?

>> Yes you can call us, but the best way is to contact us is via the Huboo dashboard. 

>> Please feel free to call us when you are not happy and we will make sure any issue gets resolved.

Any minimum order?

>> With £8/month you can sell around 30 items per month.

What can’t we send?

>> Batteries have limitations and perishable food. If the food does not require chilling then we can work with them.

If a product is delayed do you contact the customer?

>> We don’t contact the customer but we contact the seller. 

What is the cost of getting stock back to our warehouse? 

>> We would not charge to pack but you’d pay to collect and deliver your products back. 

What about the dispatch time?

>> All orders are currently under next day fulfilment from Monday to Friday. So, any orders from Monday to Tuesday 0900 are fulfilled on Tuesday. 

What about items damaged in transit?

>> If you use the insurance option then we guarantee a full price reimbursement.

Do you have any clothing sellers?

>> Yes, we have one from India that sends directly to us. If you’re a clothing seller when it comes to labelling, group them based on size, colour and we will get them sorted. 

Can we bring the stock to you?

>> Yes you can. Amazon FBA does not allow sellers to drop parcels. 

Can we do a warehouse tour?

>> Yes you can.

How do you keep updated with eBay changes?

We still run an eBay shop and keep updated on eBay news regularly. 

We hope this helps you to find out a bit more about Huboo. If you are looking for fulfilment services for your eBay Stores for a short term or long term period they are the right fit given the flexibility of operation. Sign up and look around how the system works.