Marketplaces beyond Amazon | Episode #64 Online Seller UK Podcast with Jesse from eCommeleon



It is very common for sellers to depend on Amazon as their primary source of sales. Unfortunately, many sellers are stuck in this position and put all their effort into this one channel and side away from other channels like eBay and Walmart.

Then inevitable happens – Amazon suspension, losing the business altogether.

eCommeleon is helping sellers realise their potential away from Amazon, and in this podcast, Jesse Wragg, Co-Founder & Managing Director, explains other opportunities for online sellers beyond Amazon.
Key topics:

– What are the top non-Amazon marketplaces to consider outside of Amazon?
– How does Brexit impact selling on non-Amazon marketplaces in Europe?
– ️Is it worth the effort of expanding into non-Amazon marketplaces and learning how these all work?

Host: Prabhat Shah
Guest: Jesse Wragg ( )

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