Outsourced Fulfilment

What is Outsourced Fulfilment?

Selling online is never as easy as it may seem, not only do you have to ensure your products are listed online, but you have to purchase, market and deliver them to customers. All the while providing excellent customer service and working to grow your business.

Doing all of this whilst dealing with daily operations and the rest of the business can at times feel impossible. This is where fulfilment outsourcing comes into play.

Many e-commerce businesses use a 3PL (third party logistics) provider to process orders and ship products to customers. This helps to provide a more streamlined process, whilst you can work on marketing and growing the business.


How could fulfilment outsourcing help you?

Full-service fulfilment companies offer a full-service solution for e-commerce businesses that require somewhere to stock their products and need them to be picked, packed and shipped.

They will store your products in their own warehouse so when an order is placed they pick it, pack it and hand it to a courier for you. They will even email customers on your behalf to let them know their order is on its way.

On top of this, if required, they can even handle the payments for goods, manage current inventory levels on your website, reorder products on your behalf, offer call centre customer service, and handle any returns.

Not all of these options are necessary, and depending on what your business needs you can pick and choose the right services for you. Whether you want to keep control of your shopping cart and credit card functions yourself, and just wants to use their pick and pack services. Whether you would like to utilise their customer service support and returns service or not, this choice is entirely up to you.

Fulfilment outsourcing can really take the pressure off businesses and works very effectively for many.

Outsourcing fulfilment means:

– Less time spent on packing boxes and shipping them.

– More time to focus on the growth of your business.

– Less money spent on new premises, warehouse management and staff.

– Easier management of inventory.

– Faster shipping times, avoiding any penalties or fines from the likes of Amazon, and

– Happy customers!



Our Partner – Vdepot

Vdepot has been helping businesses fulfil their potential for over a decade.

Vdepot fulfilment warehouse provides all the services you need to help you run your e-commerce business as smoothly as possible, including:

– Order processing

– Returns processing

– Storage

– Credit card processing

– Product assembly

– Inbound call centre services

– CD/DVD replication services

– Contract packaging and

– Rebate/Sweepstakes services.

Not every businesses requirement is the same so, get in touch with Iain to discuss more:

Email: iain.hill@vdepot.co.uk      Telephone: +44 (0) 1603 881 700