Episode #002 Why Amazon Sellers Should Consider Taking a Virtual Assistant

Running an Amazon business, although rewarding, can also be very time-consuming. A lot of time is spent on managing customer support, returns, feedback and review management, as well as advertising so you can build and grow your business. So, when you start to see your business grow, it is a great time to consider looking for a VA (Virtual Assistant). A VA will be able to help you manage the day to day operation and allow you to focus on tasks that will help you to grow your business.

In this podcast, Gilad Freimann from Vaaphilippines.com talks about his experience of building a successful Amazon VA team and how this can benefit other Amazon Sellers. 

What’s included?  

  • Why should an Amazon seller consider using a VA? 
  • In which fields can a VA help 
  • Where can one find a VA? From which country? Costs? 

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