Reaching the new buyer online David Burrows – PODCAST

As technology changes and develops, so do our buying habits, the way we expect to buys things and how quickly we expect them to be delivered. The convenience of online shopping and the super quick delivery options the likes of Amazon are offering has really changed a buyer’s expectations.

Many businesses, who before were purely offline, are starting to realise more and more that being online is key to success nowadays. Especially when we see the likes of Blockbuster, Toys ‘R’ Us and Maplin who failed to jump on the band wagon. Where are they now?

Check out this podcast with David Burrow as he talks us through:

  • How online shopping is changing, with mobile on the rise
  • If you’re an offline seller, find out why and how to start selling online
  • And, how you can reach new buyers online with an omnichannel approach.