Smarter Use Images for your Amazon Listing | Episode#69 Online Seller UK Podcast with Chris King

Product photography helps sell the product on Amazon or any other ecommerce site. This is why sellers are encouraged to include multiple just so the product listings connect with the buyers.

The products photos or infographics highlight product features and USP, which means buyers get enough information without scrolling down to the other parts of the listing, and you convert more.

It may be tempting to do everything yourself, but a professional solution would work well. Listen to this podcast with Amazon photography expert Chris King from Packshots Direct and find out.

Key topics:

– What should sellers be doing to convert more browsers into buyers?
– What are the five things sellers should implement today with their photos/videos that will help them become even more successful with each listing
– How product videos can help reduce returns
– Review existing images; are they still working for you?
– How CGI can help you save money on creating images against different backgrounds

Host: Prabhat Shah
Guest: Chris King ( )


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