Testimonial – Google Adwords Training – Manchester

Online Seller UK - Google Adwords Training Manchester

We all know Adwords can be very useful tool to increase online business and at the same time it can be really expensive if it is not done
correctly. This week there was another opportunity to provide one to one session to a client based in Manchester who sells drones along with lessons.  I was aware the company Adwords account was managed by an outsourced agent and they were performing well so the challenge was to provide necessary tips to improve the performance and provide necessary tips to the director of the company so if required the account could be managed in house.

After spending 15 minutes discussing our objectives for the day, we quickly made a plan for the day. Saying this, I had planned for the day before but most of the time those changes tailoring client’s needs. We are good at giving personalised experience to our clients and that is exactly what we did today. Here are few things we covered:

#1 Identified ways to improve local SEO

#2 On page and off page SEO optimisation

#3 Adwords Account Audit

#4 Identified non performing keywords

#5 Optimised bidding for most performing keywords

#6 Created automated reports

#7 Identified most organic keywords with Google Analytics

Alan kindly gave us fantastic testimonial to tell his personalised experience with us.


We regularly run Adwords training in Manchester, London, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Newport and Swansea. Please visit our event page for future dates. Alternatively, we can also provide onsite training to up skill your staff or to give you better understanding of how Adwords work. Please get in touch with Prabhat either through contact us form or call on 029 2236 2596