Turkey Welcomes Amazon

Amazon has invested €27 billion in Europe since 2010 and boasts 65,000+ permanent employees in the EU. Its presence in Europe is expanding including the new AWS EU (Stockholm) launch in 2018. With this rapid expansion, Amazon recently started operating in Turkey selling books, electronics, tools, toys, and baby goods, among other lines, including ranges from over 1,000 Turkish businesses.

Turkey has been working on EU membership since 1987 and Amazon’s expansion is a positive sign for Turkish businesses, enabling them to expand into the European platform. There are already 100s of Turkish businesses selling on Amazon EU and .com platforms.

Amazon’s Turkish operation will help 1000’s of Turkish manufacturers and retailers to grow their business online, not only in Turkey but internationally.  In time, Amazon’s customers will grow in Turkey with its ever-growing internet population projected to be 56 million by 2019.

To help Turkish sellers start and grow their Amazon sales, Turkish E-commerce Growth Accelerator Organisation,  Worldef.net, has organised an Amazon Camp in November and Online Seller UK’s founder, Prabhat Shah has been invited to talk about Amazon Growth strategies.

Get your ticket to learn proven strategies and grow your Amazon business in Turkey and internationally.