Why brand-building matters more than ever on Amazon| Episode #71 Online Seller UK Podcast with Rael from Nozzle

Building your Brand Amazon is an essential part of the Amazon journey. We have also seen that Amazon has released more information about the customer via brand analytics, showing where the future is going.

Listen to this podcast with Rael, Co-Founder of Nozzle, to learn how to build your brand on Amazon.

Key topics:

– How do you define a brand on Amazon?

– Why does it matter now?

– What are some strategies and tactics to help me build a brand?


Host: Prabhat Shah

Guest: Rael Cline ( https://www.nozzle.ai/ )

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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/5DXv3kSyA4vpqVWGmwNEx8
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