Why don’t I have buy box on my own brand?

Amazon “buy box” is an interesting function created solely for the purpose of giving customers the best possible choice to buy from Amazon.

Amazon’s clever algorithm chooses best possible sellers when there are multiple people selling the same product but it is very common for Amazon or FBA sellers to win the buy box. So, if you are in a buy box situation and alter fulfilment method, price and maintain good feedback % to win the buy box.  Personally, I have not seen a set of rules that have worked every time to win the buy box but I have tried multiple factors as a trial and error.

So, if you win the buy box most of the time, Amazon is a good platform to work with but otherwise, this kills business. This is the very reason why many sellers avoid buy box situation by

– Creating multi-buy offers e.g. selling packs of 2s or 3s

– Bundle products  e.g. selling laptop, laptop bag and mouse together

-Create a private label e.g. Aldi style rebranding popular product

As a private label seller, you own your brand and Amazon product page and expect to win the buy box all the time. But there are situations when we don’t win the buy box even if we own our brand and there is no one else selling the same product. Some are explained below:

Situation #1  

If your account is fairly new and less than 90 days you will not win the buy box.

Tip: If you have intentions to sell on Amazon, get your account set up sooner than later and start selling casually. You can upgrade and downgrade your business account as and when you want.

Situation #2

If you don’t have a positive feedback, you will not win the buy box

Tip: Get selling quickly with loss leader products.

Situation #3

If you don’t have good account health and within Amazon performance targets, you will not win the buy box or lose the buy box.

Tip: Monitor your account health regularly. You’d be better off avoiding negative feedback or A to Z claims as one of these will push your products out of buy box.

I hope this post has helped slightly for those who are just starting up selling on Amazon and if you have further question, please feel free to get in touch here >>