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123% increase in Q2 Ads sales YOY

Raging Bull, a distinguished brand known for its ethically sourced prime beef products like biltong, jerky, and droewors, partnered to escalate its ad sales. 

The partnership between Raging Bull and our team is a remarkable example of harnessing the power of strategic advertising to achieve two key objectives: driving sales growth and ensuring cost efficiency. Through the implementation of progressive ad campaigns and the creation of compelling A+ pages, Raging Bull extended its market reach and fine-tuned its advertising strategies. The outcome was increased sales and enhanced cost-effectiveness, exemplifying the potential of well-planned advertising initiatives.


  • Drive Sales Growth: The primary goal was to achieve sales growth 
  • Cost Efficiency: Reducing the cost of advertising sales was a vital objective to ensure sustainable profitability.


 To address Raging Bull’s objectives effectively, the following strategic approach was implemented:

Progressive Ad Campaigns: A comprehensive account audit was conducted to identify inefficiencies and areas of improvement. The ad campaigns were optimised to minimise wastage while maximising reach. The strategy expanded across three ad types to ensure a broader audience Engagement.

A+ Pages Creation: To provide a richer shopping experience, engaging A+ pages were crafted. These pages showcased captivating content, enhancing shoppers’ understanding of Raging Bull’s product offerings.


  • Sales Uplift: Total sales experienced a growth of 1.34 times compared to the same period in the previous year’s Q2.
  • Ads Sales Uplift: Amazon ads sales grew 2.23 times compared to last year’s Q2.
  • ACoS Reduction: A reduction in Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS) was achieved, successfully bringing it down by 1.82 times compared to last year’s 

Working with the OnlineSellerUK team has been a game-changer for Raging Bull. Their strategic advertising expertise, combined with a keen understanding of our brand, propelled our sales to unprecedented heights. Their approach not only increased our revenue but also optimised our advertising costs, ensuring sustainable profitability. – David, Raging Bull Biltong


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