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Amazon Germany Advertising: 230% Increase in Advertising Sales YOY

Amazon Germany is a dominant player in the German E-commerce market, with a share of 27% of e-commerce sales. For any retailer planning to expand internationally, it is the obvious next step; and this can be supported by the unified account in Europe, which allows you easy access to DE, UK, IT, SP and ES accounts. An Amazon Unified Account also means your inventory and pricing are synced, making inventory management easier. The system also automatically translates your English listings to German, although we’d still always suggest using a real translator. 

With the ease of expansion, advertising plays an important role in making sure the expansion is a success. We have been working with a London based UK retailer in the Home category for several months now.


  • Successful range of products in the UK / US
  • Growing Amazon Germany sales
  • Lack of advertising strategy


To begin with, we invested time in learning about their product and where they were successful in other marketplaces. Once we were more knowledgeable about the brand and client, we started putting their advertising strategy in place. Amazon’s new product and category targeting ads were a great opportunity for us. 

Our Advertising Actions:

  • We used Automatic Targeting campaigns to generate traffic to our pages and drive sales via the on-page search terms
  • Used the Amazon Search Term Report to understand what keywords were and weren’t working
  • Used reverse ASIN keywords to generate additional keywords 
  • Created Manual Targeting campaigns with targeted keywords from the search term report & keyword tools 
  • Optimised Manual Targeting campaigns with bid adjustments based on placement and negative keywords
  • Used the search term report again to better understand what ASINS were converting and created targeted Product Targeting ads
  • Created specific Category Targeting ads using both main and subcategory targeting


  • 230% increase in sales YOY (April – June) 
  • 40% of the total sales driven by ad sales
  • Overall ACoS is maintained at around 20% compared to 30% last year
  • ROAS £4.7:1 i.e. £4.7 revenue generated with every £1.00 spend 


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