#brightonSEO – a privileged experience

Last Friday I had a privilege to speak about Amazon’s product ranking factors & algorithm amongst the good people at #brightonSEO. I found it amazing to see how interested people are to learn and find new things that are happening in the search world. We were three together in a slot titled”Future of Search” with Jon from Site Visibility and Britt from Iprospect. Jon and Britt were very good company and would love to work together in next #brightonSEO .

So, if you are selling on Amazon checkout some key points to rank better with search and the future of Amazon search is already here. You may have heard of “Amazon Echo” a  device that listens and interacts like google voice or cortana from microsoft. It is available in the US but not currently in the UK. You might have already guessed what is going to happen. We will be telling Amazon Echo to order products for us without any doubt. Now that Amazon prime knows your order history and there one click order in place, there is no barrier for this to happen!

Any ways, before I go talking about something you already know, please find my slides below. And if you need any help please do let me know.