eBay and Amazon Training in London

eBay and Amazon are growth channels for many businesses and often starting point for many online sellers. Amazon has taken on preference for lot of sellers recently with its very successful FBA model which essentially helping you focus on sourcing the right product by taking away storage, pick and pack work.

Additional the rise of “private label” which essentially means copying popular products already existing on Amazon and re-manufacturing them has created Amazon entrepreneurs with any background.  We have trained various individuals with various backgrounds – Vets, Lorry and Cab Drivers, Oxford Scientists, Steel Manufacturer, Property Developers, Programmers, Barristers, Doctors and Students.

At the same time eBay is still a channel many prefer due its less aggressive nature. eBay does not steal your product ideas and resell it themselves but Amazon does. We have heard many cases that Amazon has sourced same if not similar products as third party sellers. Because of this very reason, Amazon puts off many sellers.

As a training organisation, it is always a nice challenge for us to meet the needs of our diverse attendees. In fact, this gives us competitive edge compared to online training videos which are often not from the UK. Using our registration data, we take time to learn about attendees and re-create training content. Created in house with over 8 years of practical experience, our training courses are delivered in a small group giving you opportunity to discuss individual business case. In our recent London eBay and Amazon training course we had a very diverse attendees and it went very well. We had a very good discussion on each business case and worked out if particular product or category could be a viable business. We discussed about sourcing best practices, increasing product visibility organically and with paid ads, used tools to analyse competitors and find keywords and much more.

Whether you are a start-up, growing online sellers or a large seller, our training courses can be a good starting point. We regularly deliver our eBay and Amazon training in London and in all major UK cities. Please find out more on our event page and if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch via email or phone.