Episode #025 Advantages of Amazon Bid Optimization Tools

Amazon advertising is playing a significant role to generate additional growth and so much so that if you don’t advertise it will be very difficult to appear on the above fold of the search result. 

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Once the ads are delivering results for a few weeks it is generally a good practice to review the campaigns and optimise your bids based on conversion and cost of sales. And when there are a lot of ads running this is when the process becomes very tedious. Bid optimisation tools like sellics automate this process for you and we have spoken with Thomas Ropel, CMO of sellics to understand a bit more about how to bid optimization works. 

Learn about: 

  –How does bid optimisation work?

  –Rule-based bidding

  –How to determine the best ACoS?

  –AI – the future of automated bidding?  


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