Episode #24 Find out more about Sellerboard – Amazon Profit Analytics Tools

We may be very successful selling on Amazon but do you really know the cash we are actually taking away. This is where sellerboard can play a significant role, it gives you the exact costs incurred including – 

  — Amazon fees (FBA fees, storage fees, FBA inbound fees, MF shipping costs, disposal/removal costs, subscription fees, etc)



  –Advertising/PPC costs

This system is powerful and it will show your profit after all the costs on a monthly basis so you know how healthy your account is on a regular basis. 

 https://sellerboard.com/ ( Get 2 months Free subscription) 


Personally, I have used sellerboard to find out if advertising is generating me positive results, in terms of profit and have made the decision to increase or decrease budget based on the ROI. Check out this conversation with Vlad, the Founder of SellerBoard and find out a bit more how this system can help make the right decision. 


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