Episode #30 Launching and Growing Sales on Amazon Japan When You Don’t Speak Japanese

Amazon Japan is the 3rd largest marketplace after the US and Germany. With 126 million people it is a good size market for Amazon to expand and a consideration for any other brand selling successfully elsewhere on Amazon. You may feel the language is the biggest barrier to start but this isn’t as much of a barrier as you may think. In this podcast, I spoke with Neil, Amazon Japan PPC expert and co-founder of Amazon consultancy, Rising Sun Commerce.  

Listen to this podcast and learn about: 

   – How big is the Japanese market and is it worth the effort to sell on Amazon Japan?  

   -Can non-Japanese speakers set listings up themselves on Amazon Japan? 

   -How do you recommend carrying out keyword research for Amazon Japan? 

   -What is the process for setting up Amazon ads in Japan?

   -How can you optimise Sponsored Products campaigns if you don’t understand Japanese?

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