First 2018 Manchester Meetup powered by Khaos Control

Sponsored by Khaos Control, our first 2018 Manchester Meetup was organised last week with three fantastic topics on e-commerce. Each presentation lasted for 20 minutes with a Q & A round at the end.

It was a relaxed evening with lots to learn and a chance to network with other online sellers. Please find below speaker slide-deck:

#1 Multichannel System – How to choose the system(s) to grow your business


Speaker: Andy Richley, Khaoscloud   

Andy is a marketeer committed to educating online and multichannel sellers about efficiency and automation and how they can help them to grow their businesses rapidly and sustainably.

#2 Top eCommerce trends for 2018  

Speaker: Darren Ratcliffe, Digitl

Darren is the founder of eCommerce consultancy and web development agency Digitl.

#3 Amazon – Amazon Product Launch Best Practices

Speaker: Prabhat Shah, Online Seller UK

Prabhat is an eCommerce & Digital Marketing consultant helping SMEs increase their web presence and sell efficiently through marketplaces.


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