How Sellerboard (previously AmzControl) can help you make better business decisions

Selling on Amazon is a business for some and a lifestyle for others. There are businesses generating £1 million a month to businesses generating £1k a month. But, no matter what the sales, the main objective is profit – right? A question that might often come to mind: how much are we actually making on Amazon?

Here’s how you can work it out…

Take the total cost – commision fees, FBA cost, postage cost and VAT/sales tax = total profit generated from that sale. Try out our True Amazon Profit Calculator here >>

Having a clear idea of profit margins on a product can lead to effective business decisions. Before buying further stock in the future, you may question some costs and perhaps consider raising your RRP to increase profit.

That being said, once you’ve determined profit there are still many other costs on Amazon which can take a considerable amount of time to analyse. Some of these include finding out refunds and returns, storage fees, other FBA costs and costs for reordering your product. Amazon does have all of these reports in some form available, however, they can be tricky to find and collate. Having all of this information in one dashboard could be extremely advantageous, helping to save time and make better business decisions. In turn, helping to grow your business.

Where can I find all of this information in one dashboard?

Sellerboard  have built-in features to help with both start-up and growing Amazon sellers.


Real-time profit analytics and business intelligence dashboard: interactive charts and smart Profit and Loss table in the dashboard,

Exact calculation of refund, return and remission costs, accounting for sellable and unsellable returns,

100% accurate accounting for changing buying prices: specify your cost of goods by period and by batch,

Accounting for ALL Amazon fees, e.g. storage fees, by product inbound shipping, disposal, taping, etc,

Stock and prep center management with automated reorder notifications.

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