In-house Amazon Training Course for Seller Central and Vendor Central

Research shows that 53% of shoppers begin their product search on Amazon. Many brands sell on Amazon to ensure their brand is present and prominent on one of the most trusted platforms, and to ensure their customers have access to them on Amazon, and some have a presence to defend against unauthorised sellers or to build the best content to improve the customer journey.

There are 2 approaches to Amazon, selling through Vendor Central, an invitation-only platform, and Seller Central, which is open to all, dependent on getting accepted.

The irony is whether you like it or not, whether you’re interested in selling on Amazon or not, it is highly likely that your product is already listed on Amazon. 

And, if you’re not selling on Amazon, here some of the best uses of the channel:

  • Test new product, flavours, sizes (Seller Central, B2C channel)
  • Clear out excess stock 
  • Raise brand awareness via advertising
  • Defend counterfeit products
  • Develop a sub-brand to create a new business 

Why should I invest in Amazon Training?

Amazon is a lot more complex than simply listing products and ‘letting the magic happen’. In order for good success, you need to understand the Amazon ecosystem, how product ranking works, how advertising works and how to best launch a new/existing product.

Allocating a day to learn the best practices of Amazon is important. Online Seller UK Amazon courses are written with 10+ years of experience and consists of a mix of practical, strategic formulation, group work and best practices. 

What content is covered in the training?

In the past, both brands and agencies have taken advantage of these courses. And the most important thing to highlight is that our courses are personalised based on your products or categories; so that at the end of the day you can go away with a list of actions you can implement to help your business.

Here’s the generic structure of a Seller Central and Vendor Central Course. 

Where is it delivered?

In-house, training is available throughout the UK. This saves you time and money on travel. 

Why should you train with Online Seller UK? 

We are an experienced Amazon training consultant and over the years, we have worked with different brands across multiple categories, on both Seller Central and Vendor Central. Here are just some of the businesses we have worked with:

What happens after the training?

You will get training content for your reference after the training, and all our training courses come with 1-month email and telephone support. 

Do you provide consultancy?  

Our Amazon consultancy services were developed based on the demand for our training attendees and we now have a team of Amazon experts to help you.  

Online Seller UK Amazon growth consultancy & management service is here to help you grow sales in the UK, Europe and USA. Every account is different and so is the work involved so, our initial discussion will help determine the right growth plan for your Amazon business.  

With our monthly management service, we work on content optimisation, search term improvement, advertising management, promotions and cross border trade.  Check out full details of our services.

We currently have both the UK and international clients, check out several case studies below:

Case Studies:

DIY Category – 1200% increase in sales in the first month 

Work Safety Equipment – 350% increase in advertising sales

Home & Kitchen – 230% increase in advertising sales YOY

Learn Amazon best practices and create straImage result for prabhat shahtegies to grow your Amazon business in 2020.  Schedule a call to book a date.