London Online Seller Meetup 26/05

London Online Seller Meetup

It was another successful Meetup in London on the 26th of May. We had start-up to experienced online seller
in Attendance selling on Marketplaces and their own website. We had 4 expert talks during this evening including:

#1 How to sell on Amazon US? – Mark, Currencies Direct

During this talk Mark highlighted best practices for selling private labels. He mentioned “Home and Kitchen” as top selling category on Amazon and highlighted importance of visiting Canton Fair to get an idea of latest developments.

#2 How to expand Online into Germany  – Carsten, PlentymarketsUK

Germany is an attractive market for UK sellers due to its size. Carsten gave us a very detailed understanding about customer expectations with details on payments, returns and language. He also mentioned other marketplaces like and could be a good potential for UK sellers apart from eBay & Amazon.

#3 An insight into the delivery landscape and shifting consumer preferences – Marie, GFS

Delivery is the last part of eCommerce journey and Marie from GFS, the UK’s premier parcel and carrier management company, mentioned the importance of giving delivery choices to the consumers. This ultimately improves conversion keep customers satisfied. She also mentioned popularity of click & collect in the UK and for any retailer to consider this avenue for buyer’s convenience.

#4 eBay eBay and Amazon Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – Prabhat, Online Seller UK

During this talk Prabhat highlighted best practices in increasing visibility on both eBay and Amazon. It was recommended to use Automatic Amazon PPC for keywords harvesting.

It was a pleasant enjoyable evening with networking opportunity and attendees took away lot of learning. Our next Meetup is on 18th July at GS1 office.

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