Who are BQool and how cool are they?

Bqool - Amazon Repricer and Feedback Review Tool

BQool is a SaaS company offering great software solutions that help Amazon merchants resolve daily business challenges. They strive to create products that will increase Amazon sellers’ feedback rating, product reviews and sales. Each feature is designed to make your job easier and save time.

The BQool suite consists of Repricing, Feedback, Review Central and Research Central known as BigZata

Repricing Central helps sellers to remain price competitive and enhance the chances to win the buy box.

Feedback Central automatically sends out emails to buyers to request feedback and reviews and issues VAT Invoices for sellers.

Review Central collects reviews and notifies sellers when receiving negative reviews, which enables them to respond instantly and protect their reputation.

Research Central (BigZata) provides you with up to date data on the Top 100, best sellers, Hot New Releases, Movers & Shakers, Most Wished For, Most Gifted.

What’s stopping you?  

Many companies offer a free trial for software however you need to provide credit card details to access the trial and then remember to opt out otherwise you get hit with the first month’s fees before you know it. Even Amazon Prime uses this stealth tactic. However, the cool team at BQool offer a free 14 day trial and no credit card required! Why not try it out for yourself?

To learn more about BQool, please visit https://www.bqool.com/