Event description

Brighton Online Seller Meetup is free for online sellers and retailers. So, don’t miss this opportunity to learn from eCommerce experts and other online sellers.

Our events are perfect for any business aiming to grow online nationally or internationally. If you are thinking of starting to sell online, you’re very welcome. You will learn proven strategies and tactics quicker through our events.

We will have a discussion on various live-wire eCommerce topics this evening to help your business grow along with these expert talks:

   #1 Amazon SEO and Sponsored Ads Best Practices 

     Speaker: Prabhat Shah, Online Seller UK

   #2 How 3PL’s are changing the retail landscape

     Speaker: Iain Hill, Vdepot

   #3 Google Analytics – Reaching beyond the data 

     Speaker: Nikki Rae, Rocketmill


— FAQs —

What are the topics you cover?

We cover most live-wire eCommerce and digital marketing topics and at each event, we focus on certain topics different to the previous ones to ensure we add value to your business every time.

What can I expect?

– Practical tips that you can implement within weeks

– Networking opportunities with other online sellers, suppliers, industry experts

So, why is it free?

We experienced this is the best way to reach as many businesses as we can. And we are correct. We have already helped 700+ businesses nationally through these events. These meetups are mostly funded by our training programs and partly funded by sponsors.

If you are a first time visitor please check out our past event photos to find out what to expect. We have also got some fantastic testimonials:


“Great event in Manchester, lots of information and tips. Especially liked that we had allocated time for networking at the end. Hope to hear about more similar events. ”

“A well put together event that was both interesting and informative. All three talks were useful and I think going forward the events will only get better. ”

“Really impressed with the set up and organisation. 3 impressive speakers who were both interesting and informative. Goods for tips, advise and directions to improve your business. “


Iain Hill

Iain Hill

  • Vdepot
  • Iain is General Manager at Vdepot and is extremely passionate about eCommerce. Having first hand experience of selling online, Iain is well aware of the problems of a small start up business and aims to help every online business that he comes across.
Nikki Rae

Nikki Rae

  • Rocketmill
  • Nikki Rae is the Digital Analyst of Rocketmill- A Customer Experience Agency with a solid grounding in measurement and analytics.