Iain Hill

Iain Hill

Iain is extremely passionate about e-commerce. Having enjoyed the thrill of selling online and through eBay and having a fulltime job he is well aware of the problems of a small start-up business.

Following his graduation in one of the top management schools in the country, Iain has worked across many different sectors in senior roles for DNA Testing Laboratories, LPG Gas Suppliers, Car Insurance Claims companies and Forensic Kit Manufacturers and having sold online himself successfully, Iain decided to go into a business he was passionate about; the effective fulfilment of online orders.

As General Manager at Vdepot, (a warehousing and fulfilment company) Iain has the aim of helping every online business that he comes across. Having witnessed many examples of e-commerce companies getting it right, getting it wrong and overcoming large hurdles he is well placed in assisting e-commerce companies to fulfil their potential by assisting with their fulfilment effectively.

  • Company:Vdepot
  • Short Bio:Iain is General Manager at Vdepot and is extremely passionate about eCommerce. Having first hand experience of selling online, Iain is well aware of the problems of a small start up business and aims to help every online business that he comes across.
  • http://vdepot.co.uk/
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