This is our fourth and final event for 2016. Free for online sellers and retailers, this insightful evening brings excellent opportunity to network with other online sellers and meet industry experts in a comfortable setting.

We will discuss several live wire eCommerce topics along with these expert talks:

     #1 eBay & Amazon SEO

     #2 Remarketing for eCommerce businesses

     #3 Selling on Amazon USA

Listen to the latest testimonials 

“A well put together event that was both interesting and informative. All three talks were useful and I think going forward the events will only get better. ”

“Really impressed with the set up and organisation. 3 impressive speakers who were both interesting and informative. Goods for tips, advise and directions to improve your business. ”

“Great way to casually ask questions and get the appropriate answers related to your own business. I found it very informative and very useful. I have a much better understanding now of how to improve sells online.”

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Please note by booking a ticket to this event, you agree to our event T & Cs  ( Please read )

Our venue ( Indycube) is next to the new entrance of the Indoor Market.

> The Riverfront Car Park  is just past the Alacrity building and you see this when you enter the city centre. Monday to Saturday from 08:00 until 18:30

> Kingsway Car Park is free for the first 2 hours Monday to Saturday (07:00 - 18:00)

>  NCP High Street Car Park is only minutes away from Indycube and the railway station.

>  You will find how to get to to the venue details here 

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