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Prabhat Shah

Prabhat  is an eCommerce & Digital Marketing consultant helping SMEs increase their web presence and sell efficiently through marketplaces. Prabhat’s expertise lies in identifying business needs and guiding them through unique digital pathways to success.

Prabhat has experience of working with UK Start-up businesses right through to experienced sellers and manufacturers. He has delivered training in London, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Brighton and Cardiff.

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UK Based Amazon eBay Ecommerce Consultancy
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 48 reviews
 by Frankie Allen
Great Amazon Training

I did the online Amazon Masterclass Training Course with Prabhat, he has great knowledge of Amazon and tailored the course to my needs. He was clear and easy to follow and advised me on new ways to grow my sales. I would definitely recommend this course!

 by Akaash
Honest and Very Knowledgeful for Online Sellers

Since contacting Prabhat I have found him and his team to be very helpful, knowledgeful and honest.

Prabhat and his team engage with us very frequently and I can say without a doubt that they can help you scale your business and increase your sales the correct way.

I would highly recommend that you contact Prabhat and his team to see how they can help you.

We have create a unique working relationship and hope to continue long into the future.

Thanks Prabhat and the Online Seller UK team.

 by Sandra
Remote Consultation on Selling on Amazon

I can confidently say that Prabhat's remote consultation on how to sell on Amazon was an incredibly valuable experience. His deep understanding of the platform and his effective teaching style provided me with actionable insights I can implement to improve my company's Amazon business. I feel equipped with the knowledge and strategies to navigate the Amazon marketplace successfully.
I highly recommend Prabhat's consultation services to anyone looking to start or enhance their journey as an Amazon seller.

 by Andy
Great training and guidance!

Prabhat was a very personable and friendly trainer who was able to tailor the session to the individual's level of understanding. Not only was he able to pass on useful knowledge and techniques, but he also provided guidance and strategy specific to our business going forward. Extremely worthwhile and very good value for money, we will be back for more of his time.

 by Ediz
Take the training!

I had a very enjoyable session with Prabhat about selling on Amazon. He explains things clearly and welcomes any questions you have. We analysed my listing and came up with a bespoke plan moving forward based on his experience across the numerous accounts he has managed in the past and present.

One valuable aspect of the training was his vast understanding of PPC and how we could make the most of the platform. I particularly liked his insight on the relationship between TACoS and ACOS and how to interpret our overall business according to our profit margins.

If you thought you knew PPC... you won't until you've met Prabhat! 😉

 by Tom Booth
Accelerating ski boot shin pad Amazon sales

Prabhat's Amazon market place seller knowledge is second to none and he enabled us to increase our brand prescence and sell-out of stock in during the first three months! I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to scale-up their business.

 by Craig
Knowledgeable and welcoming

Prabhat was instantly welcoming and incredibly knowledgeable. He tailored our session together to help with what I wanted to learn. He's given me a perfect foundation to try new things I hadn't thought about and the confidence to do so. Absolutely worthwhile!

 by Fleur Cushman
Amazon lifeline

We engaged Prabhat to revamp our store on Amazon and build this channel for sales, whilst minimising the huge hassle of trying to do it ourselves.

Prabhat has taken us through the steps, managed the process, and we've seen our Amazon sales flourish. Prabhat has been a lifeline in cracking the Amazon channel and we rely on him to manage our ad campaigns, troubleshoot and help with the heavy lifting. Couldn't have done it without his help. Plus, he's a great guy to work with.

 by Georgie & Jess
Amazon Masterclass

Prabhat is a wonderful and very patient teacher with extensive knowledge in marketing on Amazon. He’s a joy to work with and learn from! I would highly recommend this course.

 by Mohammad
FBA seller training

Prabhat has a lot of knowledge in e-commerce. His lecture is excellent as he gives a step-by-step guide on how to start selling on amazon, search for profitable products, and see all the hidden fees in FBA and FBM to calculate what percentage of profit you may get. He also makes it simple to understand for beginners in this field and gives a lot of resources.

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