Ecommerce Accounting | Episode#90 Online Seller UK Podcast with Marlon Armstrong, The Uncommon Practice

Amazon Accounting, in general, is a complicated process. It can take hours to understand the figures, but software like A2X and link my books simplify the process. In addition, a professional accountant can help you better manage cash flow and VAT (especially if you are trading internationally) so you can focus on growing your Amazon

Drive More Amazon Product Reviews | Episode #87 Online Seller UK Podcast with Sam Nedimyer, FeedbackW

Customers purchase products based on product reviews, and they are directly related to product ranking. So, it is essential to build strategies to gain positive reviews continuously. In this podcast, Sam Nedimyer from FeedbackWhiz talks about Amazon’s guidelines for getting product reviews and ways to accelerate positive reviews. Key topics covered:  – Do product reviews

Preparing for Amazon Prime Day 2022 | Episode #86 Online Seller UK Podcast with Adam Shaffer

Amazon Prime Day is coming soon, and it is expected to see sales surpass combined Cyber Monday and Black Friday sales. So, get ready for one of the most significant shopping events. In this podcast, Adam Shaffer from Omni Channel Distribution talks about what’s needed to be prepared for the day.   YouTube: Spotify: iTunes:

How to make your E-commerce business Sellable | Episode #85 Online Seller UK Podcast with Ben Leonard

Buying and selling ecommerce businesses was rare, but in the past few years, it has become mainstream. So, we are seeing ecommerce businesses create valuable brands and exit by selling their businesses. In this podcast, Ben Leonard from Ecombrokers tells his story of selling his brand Beast Grear and the factors that help your business

Why do you Need an ERP system | Episode #83 Online Seller UK Podcast with Matt Windsor from Khaos Control

As you grow your business, you need a central database; otherwise, managing the stock across multiple selling channels will get challenging. This is when ERP solutions like Khaos Controls help you manage your business well, and you will be able to control all data from a central system. ERP handles your entire business process, from

Amazon EFN in March | Episode #82 Online Seller UK Podcast with Andy Hooper, Globale-commerceexperts

Starting March 2022, Amazon EFN ( fulfilment between the UK and Europe) will open again. This means there is an opportunity for the UK sellers to reach millions of customers in Europe without having to go through VAT registrations and any other paperwork in customs. In this podcast, Andy Hopper from Globale-ecommerce experts talks about

Pinterest traffic to help boost your listings on Amazon | Episode #81 Podcast with Matt from Pinformative Group

Amazon’s algorithm aims to look through millions of product listings and display the most relevant products for a customer’s given search. Several factors affect the ranking, including conversion rate, click-through rate, organic sales, paid search sales, profitability, and customer reviews. The A10 Amazon search algorithm has different weights assigned to each metric to determine a