Episode #32 Customer Buying Cycle and Amazon Advertising

There are different stages of the customer buying cycle on Amazon. Knowing them helps you to set efficient budgets for your campaigns to maintain a good ACoS.  At Discovery Phase, the aim is to raise product awareness so the ad spend is targeted at relevant keywords and related to driving traffic to the page to

Episode #31 The role of listing optimisation in Amazon PPC

Amazon Listing Optimisation is a process of improving product pages to rank organically and as well as creating better presentations to increase conversion rate. Optimising Amazon product pages involves five key areas of a product page: title, bullet points, product description, backend keywords and product images. In this recording, Robyn from Amazon Consultancy, Marketplace Blueprint,

Episode #028 Amazon Keywords Match Types Best Practice

Amazon advertising plays a significant role in driving sales, but managing campaigns can often be challenging along with understanding which type of keywords works best for your campaigns and products. In this episode, Rael from Nozzle ( a London-based Amazon startup, explains exactly how you should manage different types of keywords in your campaigns.  Here’s

Episode #026 Gearing up for global growth – Selling to the US on is the world’s biggest Amazon marketplace, and it currently has around 44% of the U.S. e-commerce market share. Amazon’s loyalty weapon, Prime, plays a significant role and as of December 2019, there were an estimated 112 million U.S. Amazon Prime subscribers. The research found that those Prime Members spend 1,400 U.S. dollars on the

Episode #025 Advantages of Amazon Bid Optimization Tools

Amazon advertising is playing a significant role to generate additional growth and so much so that if you don’t advertise it will be very difficult to appear on the above fold of the search result.  Find out more about →  Sellics  Once the ads are delivering results for a few weeks it is generally a