Product safety requirements for Amazon sellers | Episode #97 | Podcast with Fredrik Gronkvist

Understanding product safety regulations for each country is the number #1 priority for Amazon sellers. This process should start during your product research process to avoid any issues in future. Once the regulations are identified, we then know if we need lab testing or other requirements. This is a complex process and very time-consuming. Listen

How to reinstate the deactivated Amazon seller account?| Episode #95 Podcast with Vera, Amazon Sellers Attorney

Amazon account suspension means disruption to our income for a considerable time. So, it can be stressful to deal with this situation; however, staying calm and taking the proper steps carefully is very important. Amazon is a system, and suspensions happen automatically but are resolvable. Tune in to this podcast with Vera from Amazon Sellers

Why would you use a 3PL when you can just use Amazon FBA? | Episode #92 | Fred Benfield, Weprepfba

A 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) service helps you manage your supply chain from order fulfilment, inventory management, and imports to returns. This frees your time to focus on new product development, market, and sell products across marketplaces like Amazon and eBay and your website. In this podcast, Fred Benfield, co-founder of Weprepfba, talks about the advantage

Ecommerce Accounting | Episode#90 Online Seller UK Podcast with Marlon Armstrong, The Uncommon Practice

Amazon Accounting, in general, is a complicated process. It can take hours to understand the figures, but software like A2X and link my books simplify the process. In addition, a professional accountant can help you better manage cash flow and VAT (especially if you are trading internationally) so you can focus on growing your Amazon

Drive More Amazon Product Reviews | Episode #87 Online Seller UK Podcast with Sam Nedimyer, FeedbackW

Customers purchase products based on product reviews, and they are directly related to product ranking. So, it is essential to build strategies to gain positive reviews continuously. In this podcast, Sam Nedimyer from FeedbackWhiz talks about Amazon’s guidelines for getting product reviews and ways to accelerate positive reviews. Key topics covered:  – Do product reviews