Driving external traffic to your Amazon Listing | Episode #84 Online Seller UK Podcast with Adrien from Branded

Driving external traffic to your Amazon listings is an alternative way to drive sales and stay ahead of your competitor. There are three reasons for driving traffic to Amazon listings: 1. Amazon is encouraging brands to do this with a 10% referral bonus 2. Incremental revenue, and 3. Improve organic ranking. In this podcast, Adrien

Amazon Keyword Wizard tool by Sellzone | Episode#79 Online Seller UK Podcast with Diana from Sellzone

The Amazon Keyword Wizard tool by Sellzone helps you find relevant keywords for your Amazon products. It has intelligent filters, and you can see high volume keywords and related keywords to your competitor listings. Another beneficial aspect of this tool is the “search term” feature which gives you a list of unique keywords that you

#AmafestUK March, 2022 All Speaker Slides

#AmafestUK is a one-day conference for Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Central users looking to learn, network and grow their businesses.  Our March event was a success, with attendees from the UK and across Europe.  We have collected all speaker’s slides here. You can also sign up for our email list here, and we will let you

Amazon Advertising Attribution | Episode #74 Online Seller UK Podcast with Max Hoffman from BidX

  Amazon Attribution is fairly new to Amazon advertising, and it helps to measure non-Amazon marketing performance for your Amazon listings or Amazon store. The traffic may be from Pinterest or TikTok, now you can measure the performance better and fine-tune your marketing activities. Listen to this podcast with Max Hoffman from BidX to learn

How to use Amazon Product Targeting Ads| Episode #74 Online Seller UK Podcast with Christian from Amalyze

  Many advertisers underrate amazon product targeting ads, but they help you position product ads at a lower cost than keyword ads. Additionally, they also help in your SEO position. In this podcast, Christian from Amalyze explains how to take advantage of these ads and drive traffic with lower CPC than keyword-targeted ads. Key topics:

7 things you need to consider to avoid Amazon FBA logistics nightmare

After months of reading all available articles online, watching hundreds of hours of how-to videos on YouTube and searching for a breakthrough product on Alibaba, you have finally registered your Amazon Sellers account. Your first orders with Chinese suppliers have been placed and you expect your listings to go live on Amazon very soon. Hold