Episode #41 Reach New Marketplace Audience with Listabl – Podcast with Dan Burnham

Listabl was founded on the simple principle of reaching a wider audience. Marketplaces are the simplest and quickest way of reaching those audiences and data manipulation plays an important role in creating listings on marketplaces. So, the idea is to create data once and reach out to all marketplaces through Listabl internationally. In this podcast,

Episode #32 Customer Buying Cycle and Amazon Advertising

There are different stages of the customer buying cycle on Amazon. Knowing them helps you to set efficient budgets for your campaigns to maintain a good ACoS.  At Discovery Phase, the aim is to raise product awareness so the ad spend is targeted at relevant keywords and related to driving traffic to the page to

Episode #029 The Role of Automation in successfully managing Amazon Ads

Amazon advertising tools are becoming more and more useful, allowing advertising to be more efficient in day to day operation, and to ensure the best possible results. I have spoken with Sreenath Reddy, co-founder at Intentwise, recently to help understand how automation can play a key role in successfully managing Amazon ads.  Check out this

Episode #028 Amazon Keywords Match Types Best Practice

Amazon advertising plays a significant role in driving sales, but managing campaigns can often be challenging along with understanding which type of keywords works best for your campaigns and products. In this episode, Rael from Nozzle (https://www.nozzle.ai/) a London-based Amazon startup, explains exactly how you should manage different types of keywords in your campaigns.  Here’s

Episode #027 Gearing up for global growth – Selling on Amazon Canada

Amazon Canada is a growing marketplace and it is now the top online shopping platform for consumers in Canada. If you are already selling on Amazon US, it is fairly straightforward to expand your presence on Amazon.ca via building international tools like in Europe.   In this episode, I spoke with Blair Forrest, Amazon brand consultant

Episode #022 Amazon Advertising Campaign Structure – get the basics right

  Amazon advertising campaign structure includes Portfolios, Campaigns and Ad Groups. We have to decide which products and keywords to add to each group and structure campaign so we can analyse the result better. We may go and start our ads campaigns without thinking about the strong relationship between campaign result and structure. This episode

Episode #021 How to set your CPC without hurting sales?

Amazon advertising works without a doubt but managing your CPC is important so your ad cost does not go beyond your target spend.  Your CPC may differ based on what the campaign’s goal is. For example, that could be early exploring and learning campaigns compared to the campaigns you have started optimising for a while.

Episode #020 Don’t wait too long to start Sponsored Brand Ads

  Sponsored Brands ads feature your brand logo, tagline and three of your products. They help with brand awareness and also generate sales which otherwise would have been lost to your competitor. These ads are important to any brand aiming for a prominent position in Amazon search results. A lot of advertisers wait too long