Amazon Advertising Attribution | Episode #74 Online Seller UK Podcast with Max Hoffman from BidX

  Amazon Attribution is fairly new to Amazon advertising, and it helps to measure non-Amazon marketing performance for your Amazon listings or Amazon store. The traffic may be from Pinterest or TikTok, now you can measure the performance better and fine-tune your marketing activities. Listen to this podcast with Max Hoffman from BidX to learn

How to use Amazon Product Targeting Ads| Episode #74 Online Seller UK Podcast with Christian from Amalyze

  Many advertisers underrate amazon product targeting ads, but they help you position product ads at a lower cost than keyword ads. Additionally, they also help in your SEO position. In this podcast, Christian from Amalyze explains how to take advantage of these ads and drive traffic with lower CPC than keyword-targeted ads. Key topics:

Repricenmoics: The Economics of Repricing | Online Seller UK Podcast with Adrian from Seller Snap

    Amazon Repricer is not all about dropping the price but also about increasing your profit margin while sharing the buy win rate with other competitors. Listen to this podcast with Adrian Rich about how Seller Snap can help you increase profit.   Host: Prabhat Shah Guest: Adrian Rich (https://www.sellersnap.io/)   YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/OnlineSellerUK1 Spotify:

Focus on the basics of advertising | Episode #72 Online Seller UK Podcast with Brent from AMZ Pathfinder

  Amazon advertising opportunities are changing with more advanced options, but learning advanced strategies does not make sense if you don’t know the basics. In this podcast, Brent from AMZ Pathfinder talks about a few basic things like bids and budget to get the best results.   Host: Prabhat Shah Guest: Brent Zahradnik ( https://www.amzpathfinder.com/

Why brand-building matters more than ever on Amazon| Episode #71 Online Seller UK Podcast with Rael from Nozzle

Building your Brand Amazon is an essential part of the Amazon journey. We have also seen that Amazon has released more information about the customer via brand analytics, showing where the future is going. Listen to this podcast with Rael, Co-Founder of Nozzle, to learn how to build your brand on Amazon. Key topics: –

Smarter Use Images for your Amazon Listing | Episode#69 Online Seller UK Podcast with Chris King

Product photography helps sell the product on Amazon or any other ecommerce site. This is why sellers are encouraged to include multiple just so the product listings connect with the buyers. The products photos or infographics highlight product features and USP, which means buyers get enough information without scrolling down to the other parts of